Barrel Style Butter Churns
40 Gallon Butter Churn

25 Gallon Churn (left)

26" diameter barrel
18-25 gallon charge churn with door open

also available:
30" diameter barrel
35-50 gallon charge
36" diameter barrel
50-75 gallon charge

all with 18x18 door and 7" sight glass

75 gallon churn



75 Gallon Churn (left)

10 thru 50 Gallon Tub Style Butter Churns

Made from 10 gauge ends, 12 gauge barrel and 14 gauge cover, all 304 Stainless. Both will have variable speed motors with mixing shafts that lift out.
40 Gallon Butter Churn

36 diameter churn 10 and 15 Gallon Tub Style Butter Churns will have 1 1/2" Outlet Valve, Water Inlet, Drain Screen, and Sight Glass.
Inside Butter Churn Agitator  
Inside Butter Churn Outlet Valve  
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