Electric Air Space Heater available on all flat covered pasteurizers.




50-200 Gallon Pasteurizing Cheese Vats (left)

Curd Gate Strainer (right)

Curd Gate Strainer




Straight Pasteurizer (left) shown with air space steam generator. Feature also available on Pasteurizing Cheese Vat.

Standard Pasteurizer Agitator (right)

Standard Pasteurizer


Dome Top Cover (left) with manhole available on 200 Gallon & larger Straight Pasteurizers.

Pasteurizing Cheese Vat Agitator (right)


Electric Air Space Heater (left)

Pasteurizer Cheese Vat Agitator


Side Scrape Agitation available on straight pasteurizers processing yogurt or ice cream mix in steam-heated pasteurizers. (right)

Side Scrape Agitation
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